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OPS-X Training will lower operating costs
The updated text "Electric Power System Reliability -2019" is now available.
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Effective July 1, 2013, NERC Reliability Standard EOP-005-2 requires new simulation technology
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OPS-X Training will lower operating costs
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OPS-X Training will not only enhance system reliability and help your personnel meet the NERC training requirements but will lower system operating costs.

OPS-X Training is hands-on, simulation based training.  As such it drives home the concepts of economic dispatch, load and generation balance, line loading and voltage control as no other training can.
A fundamental understanding of these concepts will lower system operating costs in a number of ways and in some cases actually increase revenues.
1.  By experiencing surge impedance loading first hand, operators understand the relationships among line loading, VAR consumption and voltage control.  Operators understand how proper voltage control can lower line loadings thus reducing losses. 
2.  Proper voltage control also reduces transmission congestion and leads to a more economic dispatch.
3. Proper voltage control also keeps customer equipment working at its most effective operating point and maximizes revenues as customer load is a function of voltage or voltage squared.
4.  System operators want the most effective training available.  It is the best use of their time.  An OPS-X training program will show your system operators that the company values their time and their dedication.  This will increase operator retention and reduce the costs of hiring new staff. 
OPS-X training is one of the most effective cost cutting measures a company can implement.


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