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NERC System Operator Exam Prep Class and NERC CE Hours available via DVD

The updated text "Electric Power System Reliability -2019" is now available.
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Effective July 1, 2013, NERC Reliability Standard EOP-005-2 requires new simulation technology
NERC System Operator Exam Prep Class and NERC CE Hours available via DVD
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Powersmiths is pleased to announce a series of DVD's to help prepare Power System Operators for the NERC System Operator Certification Exams.

This DVD series was filmed during one of our 5 day, 40 hour NERC System Operator Exam preparation classroom sessions. It is a combination of classroom lecture, simulation and NERC sample exam question review. A sample can be viewed at the following link:

The corporate site license cost is $950 for the complete 7 disc series or $200 for each disc individually. Up to five copies of our latest textbook, "Electric Power System Reliability" are included with the DVD's.  OPS-X Module I is also included.

We are also offering an individual license for $495 for the  complete set of DVD's including the textbook and OPS-X Module I.

Powersmiths has also developed a DVD based NERC approved Electric Power System Reliability course.  The course is 12 NERC CE Hours and parallels our text "Electric Power System Reliability"  which is included with the DVD's.  The cost for this course is $375 per person.

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